Civil Or Environmental Engineer

Specializing In Water And Wastewater Process Treatment

Experience should include 5-10 years in design of water and wastewater treatment facilities including knowledge of water and wastewater facilities planning, preliminary engineering and alternatives evaluation, cost-effectiveness analysis, process bench scale/full scale pilot testing, project permitting, preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents, mechanical and process treatment equipment selection, hydraulic design and pumping systems, unit operations design, treatment system and control building layout, chemical feed and storage systems, SCADA systems, project cost estimates and knowledge of current and pending USEPA/PADEP regulations, system startup and plant operations.

Water process design experience should include knowledge of process chemistry, coagulation, sedimentation, multi-media filtration;; enhanced coagulation;; membrane filtration;; automatic backwashing filtration, direct filtration;; activated carbon, ozonation;; softening systems, disinfection (ultraviolet, chlorination), clearwells and CT computations, residual solids handling, detwatering and disposal.

Wastewater process design experience should include knowledge of process chemistry, biological nutrient removal (BNR), nutrient removal technologies (MLE, VIP, Bardenpho, membrane bioreactors, etc.) activated sludge processes (suspended growth, and fixed film processcombined sewer overflow disinfection (ultraviolet), chlorination), aerated and facultative lagoons, screening and grit removal, aerobic/anaerobic sludge digestion and handling, dewatering (centrifuge, belt filter presses, plate & frame, drying beds) and bio-solids disposal.

A Bachelor of Science in Civil or Environmental Engineering (BSCE/BSEE) or Master of Science in Civil or Environmental Engineering (MSCE) Civil or Environmental Engineering. Must be a Registered Professional Engineer.

Highmark BC/BS, Short and Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, Principal 401(k)Profit Sharing/ Pension Plan, Paid Time Off, Professional Fees and Registration Charges, Equity Ownership Opportunities. Salary is negotiable.

Please email resume and letter of interest with salary expectations to