Technical Presentations

Altoona Reservoir System History

PRWA 2016 – Land Application of Biosolids

PRWA 2016 – Groundwater Filtration Basics

PennTec 2015 – Brookville Sewer System Evaluation & Corrective Action

PennTec 2014 – Clearfield Conveyance System Modeling/Monitoring

AAEES 2013 Superior Achievement Award – Altoona BNR Project

PennTec 2013 BNR Wastewater Plant Conversion With Wet Weather Accommodation

Clearfield Municipal Authority Water Storage and Transmission Project

Altoona Westerly WWTF BNR Upgrade & ExpansionSee Project Video

West Carroll Water Authority – Water System Improvements Project

Membrane Filtraton – Water Treatment

Altoona (PA) Water System Overview

Statewide (PA) Chlorine Contact Time Tracer Study

Biological Nutrient Removal Capabilities

Horseshoe Curve (PA) Reservoir System Hydraulic Overview

Lake Altoona (PA) Dam Improvements

PMAA Sampling and Analytical Requirements